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Overseas Group

Sunrise Parts Manufacturing Ltd.

Company Name
Sunrise Parts Manufacturing Ltd. (Hong Kong)

October, 1976 (operations began on October, 1977)

Vice President Manabu Sekiguchi (Director) /
Assistant Vice President Kenji Oshiro (Director)

Expatriate Personnel:
Factory Manager Toshio Idate (Non-Director)

Number of Employees:
Approximately 22 (including visiting employees)

4st. Fl.,Viet Luen Industrial Bldg.,126 Wai Yip Street,Kwun Tong, Kowloon,HK S.A.R.,China
TEL: 852-2343-1183,3334 & 2342-0112,0113 
FAX: 852-2343-5964 & 2763-9429

Founded in 1977 as a bridgehead for overseas development. At the time, Sunrise Parts Manufacturing started as a small factory with only about 4 machines. However, Sunrise Parts has grown so that it now includes the HINODE Precision factory mentioned later in this section. The duties and importance of Sunrise Parts Manufacturing continues to increase as a result of the expansion in on-site production by manufacturers last year.

HINODE Precision Co., Ltd (日出(東莞)塑胶制品有限公司(China))

Name of Production Company:
HINODE Precision Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)

Form of Investment:
Processing with customer materials

Name of Production Factory:

No.5 Industrial District,Li-Wu Village, Wu-Sha District,Chang An Town, Dong Guan City,Guang Dong Province,China
Telephone:86-(0)769-85388445(Direct Japanese connection) FAX:86-(0)769-85388405

November 24, 2000

Site Area:
6,464.5 m²

Area of Buildings:
Factory 6,840 m² 3-story building (approximately 2,280 m² per floor)
Employee Dormitory 1,920 m² 4-story building (approximately 479 m² per floor)
High-class dormitory 840 m² 3-story building (approximately 281 m² per floor)

Total number of employees:
Approximately 350 (as of April, 2008) First Section: 50 employees (lens)
Second Section: 80 employees (other transparent components & deposition)
Third Section: 30 employees (engineering plastics)
Fourth Section: 10 employees (molds)
Fifth Section: 180 employees (molding, quality, deposition)

HINODE Precision was founded as a dedicated factory for injection molded products such as transparent components and precision lens components using precision acrylic (PMMA), polycarbonate (PC), ZEONEX, MS-200. Currently, HINODE Precision also produces general acrylic precision molded products, and has become a complete factory which satisfies the production system demanded by manufacturers. Within the many molding factories, clean rooms are established in which air flow from the outside is completely blocked. This makes it possible to eliminate foreign objects which are a constant cause of worry in regards to the quality of lens molding products. Furthermore, products are transported directly to secondary processes, removing any negative effects caused by dust or other foreign objects.

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