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Half a century as your partner in aspherical plastic lenses.
Using reliable technology to contribute to the launching of prototype development

Incorporating New Development Technology

“Ultra high-precision” milling using high-performance machines Lens arrays, prism arrays and their corresponding molds
An array of microlenses is used in integral imaging applications for internal finders. This requires a burr-free micro configuration with sharp edge grooves that are closely packed. We have established technology that processes complex, free-form surfaces and arrays for lenses, and their corresponding molds with high precision, by the use of programs that integrate machine measurement and error correction, as well as a simultaneous 5-axis control function for processing complex shapes.
*Lens array is a structure formed together by a large number of micrometer-size microlenses. It is useful for light condensing and enlarging, and for controlling adjacent lighting

Fly's-eye or integral lens array for a digital single-lens reflex, etc
Business field: Optics & camera industries
Materials: (Product) COP & COV; (Molds) Steel + Ni-P plating, etc.
Accuracy: within 1/1,000 mm
Lens array configuration. The sensor type lens has a position accuracy of ± 0.001.

Light distribution lens, fresnel lens and panel for strobe & LED optical source
Business field: Optics & camera industries
Materials: (Product) PMMA, PC & COP; (Molds) Nonferrous metal types
Accuracy: within 1/1000 mm
Variable angle processing for light distribution on grooves for 3D surfaces

Processing V-grooves less than 1/1,000 mm (less than 60° submicron angle) with cutting-edge, ultra high-precision pitch

Experience and expertise in processing capable of handling complex shapes where the direction, angle, depth, and pitch continuously changes, by using the latest machines equipped with a simultaneous 5-axis control function. Processing V-grooves with less than a 60° slope angle at a submicron depth. Leading precision with groove pitch.

Processing submicron V-grooves, etc.
Business field: Optics and health care industries and nuclear energy related
Materials: Nonferrous type metals & steel + Ni-P plating & difficult-to-cut materials
Lot: 100 − 1,000 pieces
Accuracy: within 1/1,000 mm (less than 60° submicron angles)
Metal processing with submicron precision (picture shown- 0.3 µm) for angles less than 60°. The blue light in the picture is diffracted light in the ultraviolet region.

Prototypes, mold designs, and mass production of aspherical plastic lenses

HINODE has accumulated over half a century of experience as a pioneer of plastic lenses. We provide everything from design of molds for aspherical lenses to mass production. Let us be your partner for launching the development of prototypes
|Main Products|
Manufacturing and sales of optical plastic lenses (aspherical surfaces, etc.), flash panels, and precision acrylic parts (engineering plastics). Design, processing, manufacturing, assembly, and sales of molds and nested designs for the products listed above.

Reliable quality management system

In China, 日出塑膠廠 (HINODE Co., Ltd. ) has established a clean room and obtained ISO9001 certification.
We promise to deliver the highest quality products by unifying our employees and striving as a company for improvement of quality.

Obtainment of Eco Action 21 certification

In December of 2007, HINODE obtained Eco Action 21 certification (recognized by the Ministry of the Environment) at our headquarters factory. This is in addition to the ISO14001 certification already obtained at our base in China.
We continue to develop measures for compliance to environmental laws and regulations, conservation of energy and resources, and total elimination of restricted environmental substances.

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