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Message from the President

- Challenging All Limits as a Pioneer of Plastic Lenses -
Currently, it is a time of change.
The periodic of rapid economic growth has passed, and the role of Japan is changing from the “hard” focus of mass production to an emphasis in the “soft” expansion of knowledge. In the past, an optical industry based on cameras has overcome three waves of economic hardship. However, the wave of diversity is now approaching. This wave is creating an essential segmentation in the optical industry.
Hinode became aware of this dynamism at an early stage and is steadily shifting towards our new role. 2007 marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of Hinode Corporation, Ltd. and the 30th anniversary of the founding of Sunrise Parts Manufacturing, Ltd. Furthermore, in 2001, we built a comprehensive optical unit factory in Chang An Town, which is located in Dong Guan City, Guang Dong Province, China. This factory establishes integrated production from lens molding to units of every type. It is easy to imagine that this new factory will bring about even further expansion in the industry. Also, in 2008, we are preparing for the implementation of a multi-axis control ultra precision processing machine, which will provide support for the diversification of optical systems.
Please refer to the HINODE Precision area of the overseas corporations section of our homepage for details regarding Hinode’s current condition.
In the future, we hope to continue to serve as a strong partner in the optical industry.
January 5, 2008
Hinode Co., Ltd.
President Yoshiya Inagawa

Philosophies for Business Administration

Our company has two main managerial principles

First is the spirit of thanks.
It is important for everyone to have the sense of gratitude, when doing either of various behaviors and activities every day. This is a natural attitude, but most people cannot do it in reality. We believe that the feeling of thankfulness leads to thoughtfulness, which helps everything go smoothly.

Second is coexistence.
As our company is doing business mainly in Asia, including Japan and China, our company is composed of people from different countries, although it is still impossible to recognize our company as a global one. Beyond the differences in culture, language, and custom, we work together for mutual prosperity and happiness.

We will keep working while cherishing the principles of gratitude and coexistence, in order to contribute to society from the perspectives of the prosperity of the world and the happiness of humankind.

Management Plans for Fiscal 2008

Thoroughly respond to customers’ requests
We will instruct all employees to thoroughly respond to customers’ requests for improvements.
Promotion of the streamlining and rationalization of the management of production, quality, and procurement.
We will improve our organization and functions.
Efforts for improving production technology
In order to improve the quality of parts comprehensively, we will design and implement projects for improving production technology in a cross-sectoral manner involving all manufacturing sections, and meticulously design a quality-securing system for customers.
Active promotion of a project for producing and procuring block units.
We will attach unit parts to block units, and keep sales promotion for delivering them.
Securing of a 10% increase in sales and a 5% increase in net profit with respect to target reference values
In addition to block units project, we will attempt to increase the number of orders for the molds of camera lenses, lens tubes, and lens holders, and fortify a system for receiving orders for products, and then achieve target sales and net profit.
Replacement of deteriorated equipment and active installation of cutting-edge devices
We will attempt to introduce cutting-edge machine tools and replace deteriorated equipment, and actively install new devices that match the needs of the time.
China-based system and information on license acquisition
We conduct the QC education for employees on a regular basis, and teach quality policy from its concept. As a result, we were commended by Canon Zhuhai, Inc. many times, and obtained the ISO9001:2000 certificate. We cherish the “Quality First” principle. In addition, considering global warming, we will maintain and develop the system with ISO14001:2004 for protecting the environments.

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